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Motion in a Straight Line

These Motion in a Straight Line  Numericals are very useful for the students  preparing for school as well as competitive examinations.Video solution  with answer for each question for chapter  Motion in a Straight Line Numerical  of 11th physics is given.

Q1) A Body starts from rest and travels 120cm in the 8th second. then
acceleration of the body is
body is..[AFMC 1997]
ANS. 0.16m/se
Q2) A car travels first half distance between to places with a speed of 30km/hr
and the remaining half with a speed of 50km/hr. the average speed of the car
Ans. 37.5km/hr
Q3) The displacement x of a particle moving along a straight line at time t is
given by
The acceleration of the particle is
Ans. 2a2
Q4) Find the total displacement of a body in 8 seconds starting from rest with
an acceleration of 20cm/sec2[AFMC 2000]
Q5) A particle moves along a straight line OX. At a time (in second) the distance
x (in meters) of the particle from O is given by
How long would the particle travel before coming to rest (AFMC2000)
Ans. 40m
Q6) A bus start from rest with an acceleration of 1 meter/sec2
. A man who is 48
meter behind the bus with a uniform velocity of 10m/sec then the minimum
time after which the man will catch the bus is (AFMC 2001)
Ans. 8sec
Q7) The displacement of a particle moving in straight line depends on time as
2+yt+ᶑ the ratio of initial acceleration to its initial velocity depends
[AFMC 2002]
Ans. Only on β and y
Q8) A particle covers 150 meter in 8th second starting from rest , its
acceleration is [AFMC 2003]
Ans. 20 meter/sec2
Q9) A car is moving with uniform acceleration it covers 200 meter in 2 second
and 220 meter in next 4 second . The velocity of car at the end of end of 7th
second from start is
Ans. 10 m/s
Q10) A train of 150 meter long is going towards north direction at speed of 10
meter/second . A parrot flies at the speed of 5meter/second towards south
direction parallel to the railway track . The time taken by the parrot to cross
the train is [CBSE-PMT 1992]
Ans. 10 second
Q11) A bus travelling the first one third distance at the speed of 10km/s , the
next ne third at 20km/s and the last one third at 60km/s , the average speed of
the bus is …… [CBSE-PMT 1991]
Ans. 18km/s
Q12) A car accelerates from rest at a constant rate α for some time, after which it decelerated at constant rate β and comes to rest. If the total time
elapsed is t, then the maximum velocity acquired by the car is..
[CBSE PMT 1994 ]
Ans. αβt/α+β
Q13) A particle moves along a straight line such that its displac
time ‘t’ is given by
s t3-6t2+3t+4) meters
The velocity when the acceleration es zero is… [CBSE PMT 1994]
Q14) A particle covers half of its total distance with speed v1 and the rest
half distance with speed v2. Its average speed during the complete journey
is..[CBSE-PMT 2O11]
Ans. 2v1v2/v1+v2
Q15) A ball is dropped form a high rise platform at t=O starting from rest.
After 6 seconds another ball is thrown downwards from the same platform
with a speed y. The two balls meet at t=1 8s. What is the value of y?
[g=1Om/s2) [CBSE-PMT 2011]
Ans. 75m/sec
Q16) A particle moving in a straight line with a constant acceleration changes its velocity from 10 m/s to 20m/s, while passing through
135 m in t second. The value of t is ... [CBSE-PMT 2008]
Ans. 9
Q17) A particle starts its motion from rest under the action of
force. if the distance covered in first 10 second is S1 and
first 20 seconds is S2 then .. [CBSE-PMT 20091]
Ans. S2 = 4S1
Q18) If a ball is thrown vertically upwards with speed of ‘u’ the distance
covered during the last ‘t’ second of its ascent is.. [CBSE-PMT 2003]
Ans. ½ gt2
Q19) A bus is moving with a speed of 10meter/second on a straight road . A
scooterist wishes to over take the bus in 100second. If the bus is at a distance
of 1km from the scooterist , with what speed should the scooterist chase the
bus ? [CBSE-PMT 2009]
Ans. 20 m/s

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